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6 Figure Agency Adds $300k in Annual Revenue

Picture this: 

This creative professional started her creative agency with high hopes and dreams of scaling. She had started off on a strong note - her calendar was consistently filled with work, the bills were paid on time, and revenue had reached multi 6-figures. 

But as time went on, a sense of stagnancy set in. No matter how hard she tried, her revenue just wasn't increasing, and the dream of taking her agency to the next level felt out of reach.

She had tried everything. She changed her sales pitch, expanded her sales team, and targeted different leads, but nothing seemed to work. She even invested thousands in coaching programs and mentorship, hoping for a breakthrough, but the results were disappointing.

Doubt started to creep in, and she was starting to wonder if she had what it takes to grow her agency.

The Challenge

This agency owner had lost her momentum.

Despite scaling her agency to 6-figures, she couldn't seem to break through to the next level. The entire team was starting to get disheartened and frustrated.

She had tried everything she could think of. She changed their sales pitch, expanded the sales team, and diversified their lead pool, but nothing seemed to make a dent.

This agency had also made a substantial investment in coaching programs and mentorship hoping for a breakthrough, but the results were underwhelming.

Doubts started to creep in, and they were beginning to question whether their agency had what it takes.

The Solution

To get this agency back on track, we honed in on their sales process. They had created a big gap in their lead generation efforts when the agency owner was removed from sales too soon, so we helped them develop a proven solution to maximize their client relationships and close deals with higher profit margins.

To do this, we helped this agency implement the closed-lost-past-outreach method. This strategic approach re-engaged their current and previous clients through targeted emails, LinkedIn engagement, and phone outreach. This reignited powerful conversations with past clients and previously lost leads, uncovering a whole new layer of opportunities.

We also worked with this agency owner to get back to basics with her sales team, reestablishing their sales pitch and outreach process to optimize their sales skills and performance.

As a result, they regained momentum and reestablished a solid foundation for sustained success.

The Result

This agency implemented the closed-lost-outreach method and generated more revenue in two weeks than in the past 12 months combined. They experienced this instant revenue boost when they signed 8 new recurring client projects, adding a consistent $25K in MONTHLY revenue.

With this newfound financial stability, a world of new possibilities opened up for this agency. Now, this owner had the time and resources to take her agency even further, like:

  • Expansion: They can confidently bring on new team members, knowing they have the revenue to support their growth.
  • Process Improvement: With more financial stability and increased resources, this agency can now invest the time to streamline processes and deliver even better results to their clients.
  • Momentum: Their newfound success generates a positive momentum that will help them attract more clients, opportunities, and recognition within the industry.

This agency's remarkable success story is not just limited to revenue growth and business expansion; it extends to the transformation of the owner's life as well.

From working tirelessly with little return, she transitioned to a stress-free lifestyle where she could enjoy her work and still get to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

In just 30 days, this agency achieved phenomenal growth, showcasing the power of implementing effective sales strategies, refining processes, and aligning their mindset with success.





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