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We have developed a library of free resources that can help you achieve these goals. Whether you are just starting out or are already a CEO of a million-dollar agency, we have something for you.

Grab one of these quick and easy to implement resources to make an immediate impact in your agency:

    • Learn how a simple-to-implement pricing change can dramatically increase. 
    • Become a celebrity agency owner by becoming a contributor to major business sites 
    • Create a capabilities deck that converts by using proven tactics and direct response marketing principles  
    • Get a free copy of my bestselling book, The Practical Agency, which was written specifically to show creative agency owners how to scale. 
    • Join our free community, The Creative Agency Clique, where we have weekly trainings on the hottest topics in marketing, operations, and management. 
Agency Blueprint

Every business starts out with an idea; the business owner endeavoring to make a dream a reality. Between starting the business and the realization of success, almost everything changes.In the Agency Blueprint, Creative Agency financial expert Robert Patin draws on his experience to outline and demystify how businesses lose their way from the original vision. Through methodical processes, Patin outlines his tried-and-tested approaches to bringing businesses back in line with what entrepreneurs want their company to be.

Practical Agency

You can't do the same thing you did to get where you are now, to get to the next level. You have to step outside of your creative side, and build PRACTICAL AGENCY systems to simplify and scale your business.

This book was written as a guidebook to help creative agency owners to build a system that attracts the right type of prospects, pre-sells you as an expert that can solve their problem, design a custom workflow to turn warmed up leads into clients without a long sales process, and ensure consistent delivery of quality service every time while being scalable and needing less involvement from you.

Annual Creative Industry Report

As business owners, we would all like to know how our business compares to competitors and how the industry is performing. Creative Agencies are no exception. Every year we collect data from over 100 Creative Agencies to produce a report analyzing the industry and providing an interactive reporting, allowing agency owners to understand trends and take action on them.

Agency Aura Blue

If you’ve tried “everything” and you still can’t land on the plan you need to grow your agency… it’s not your fault.

Cookie-cutter growth strategies don’t take YOU into account… and that’s why you’re stuck.


This Free Quiz Will Help You Discover Your Personalized Agency Growth Plan

Agency Analyzer

At Creative Agency Success we believe that the best decisions are made with data informing them. We developed a guide to step Agency owners through analyses of their Service, Clients and Team members. This data will allow you to determine which Clients, Services and Team members most help drive your agency to achieve its goals.

Website Resources

A comprehensive guide on Agency Profitability and selecting the right model for your agency. Everything you need to know to select your pricing model. 

This guide will show you how to scale profitably. 

Capabilities Deck

Capabilities Presentation are an important part of your sales process. Far too often it is long, outdated and does not endear you to your prospect. This step by step guide will ensure that you have the components you need for an effective capabilities presentation.

Value Based Pricing


Discover how to optimize your pricing and effectively communicate your value to clients.

Guest Contributor Guide

Contribute to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and over 100 other sites that want content from creative agency owners.

Attracting Clients For Your Agency

Attracting clients is a large part of agency growth. Here is a guide on the steps you need to consider when building out your lead generation growth strategy. 

Click below to learn more. 

Converting Prospects

Sales conversations shouldn't feel like a one-sided pitch. Instead, make it a valuable mutual interview where both parties benefit.

Discover how to turn your sales process into a captivating converting machine by clicking below.

Delivering Amazing Results

The results that you deliver for clients are at the core of your agency. If they do not get the results that they came to you for the relationship will be short-lived. But agency owners often get stuck in the work rather than growing the business. 

This is how you find the balance

Creative Agency Clique

Join the Creative Agency Clique, the #1 Facebook Group exclusively for creative agency owners. Weekly livestream trainings on how to simplify and scale your creative agency to 7-figures and higher. Enjoy an engaged and supportive community of creative agency owners to network with and bounce ideas off of.

Recurring Revenue

Learn how to set up and price your own service where you can bill your clients monthly for ongoing work. This will create a more stable flow of income and help you better manage your time and resources.

Reclaim Your Time

Daily we are told that Agency Owners do not have time to work on their business. So to help you get time back to reinvest in your agency, we have a training to help you on that Journey. 

Check Out This Training to Save 8+ Hours a Week!

Client Onboarding

For an agency trying to survive in today's market, client onboarding isn't just a nice add-on—it's a crucial business strategy. Clients want to work with agencies that know what they're doing, have a clear plan of action, and build strong relationships. Download the workbook, and watch the video presentation now.

Agency Blueprint Podcast

Hosted by Agency Expert, Business Coach and International Best-Selling Author Robert Patin. Together we will explore strategies for scaling a truly profitably agency, reducing stress and getting your personal life back.

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Stay up to date with Industry Trends and News. Our focus in the Creative Service Industry allows us to always have our ear to the ground and provide actionable information. Your Agency can not always be first, but with the right knowledge you can be the best at what you do.

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