Results in Just a Few Months

35K in MRR and 30% Growth

Remember the first day your creative agency opened its doors? 

The energy in the room was electric, your ambition was sky-high, and the future was a canvas of endless possibility. But today, that exhilarating dream feels more like a relentless grind.

Now, you’re maxed out, have hit a wall, and have no clue how to turn things around.

This was precisely the predicament this agency owner found themselves in. Despite having an amazing team that could deliver outstanding services, the thrill of running an agency had turned into 60+ hour work weeks and a looming sense of burnout. 

This owner was juggling so many balls—clients, employees, and decision-making—that they were all about to come crashing down. Based on how things were going, they believed that growth equaled more work and stress - thus why they had hit a ceiling, limiting their potential. 

Worse still, a chaotic structure and lack of documented processes were turning into customer-facing mistakes - costing them in serious revenue. This was a crisis in the making, and the owner knew it. They needed not just to save their business, but to reclaim their life.

The Challenge

This owner was struggling to maintain the very success they had worked so hard to achieve. The agency had grown too large for a single point of command - but didn’t have the processes in place to support anything else. Too many clients, too many team members, and too many decisions were all bottlenecking at the owner's desk.

Despite their track record of delivering excellent results, the agency's core issue was a disorganized structure and undocumented processes. This was causing communication holdups that were costing the agency time and money - and ultimately harming their bottom line. Without a change, the owner was heading for burnout, and the agency's reputation was at risk. But with no wiggle room to spare - what should be delegated first?

The Solution

We immediately saw the untapped potential in this agency owner. The first step was to solidify and document processes across the team to support scalable growth, categorize the types of deliverables going to clients, and provide clarity for the team. A more clearly defined scope made refining and documenting effective processes much easier. 

Next, we implemented a 'pod structure' within the agency, empowering different sectors of the business to take charge of decision-making and client interactions. This took a significant load off the owner, so they could focus on bigger-picture tasks like lead generation and business development.

To cap it off, we rolled out a training program aimed at existing team members, focusing on new customer-facing processes. This removed another layer of communications from the owner's overflowing inbox.

The Result

Fast forward a few months, and their transformation is astounding. 

The owner slashed their workweek by 20-30 hours, freeing up time for essential business development. The kicker? A staggering $35K in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) was added—a 30% growth in just a few months. 

With enhanced team capacity, the agency not only maintained its quality but actually boosted client relationships, paving the way for future growth.

This agency owner's experience shows the transformative power of effective restructuring and team empowerment. By focusing on these core issues, Creative Agency Success was able to unlock new growth avenues for the agency.





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