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3x In 10 Months

"I don't think I can do this after all."

This was the thought running through Jane's (not her real name) head when we first connected. Despite her agency's rapid early success, strong reputation, and promising financial beginnings, several stagnant years had left her questioning everything. The thrill of initial wins had faded into a grinding status quo, and what once felt like a stroke of entrepreneurial genius now seemed like mere beginner's luck.

Jane's agency had hit a hard plateau. With revenues flatlining and the day-to-day becoming increasingly grueling, she was caught in a relentless cycle of operational demands that left little room for strategic growth or even basic financial management. 

Burdened by debt and struggling to make impactful managerial decisions, Jane felt trapped. She realized she possessed a wealth of industry knowledge and creative prowess but lacked the critical skills in pricing, financial planning, and budget management necessary to elevate her agency to the next level.

The Challenge

While this agency owner’s business had taken off organically, without a solid strategy for financial management and client selection, her team became entrenched in processes the business had long outgrown (and her diminishing bank account was starting to show it). 

She needed to break free from the cycle of undervaluing her services and accepting misaligned clients or risk diluting her agency’s hard-earned reputation and draining her resources completely.

The Solution

The turnaround began with a deep dive into Jane's business model. We helped her reshape her mindset about pricing and client selection, emphasizing the quality of engagements over quantity. By critically assessing her client list and service offerings, Jane was able to identify and discontinue unprofitable or misaligned projects, freeing up resources across the agency to focus on high-potential opportunities.

We implemented budgeting tools to help her make accurate financial projections to offer the clarity she needed to make informed decisions. She learned to set her fees to reflect the true value of her agency's work, leading to an immediate increase in revenue. This strategic recalibration not only improved her financial health but also allowed her to invest in areas that sparked joy and creativity within her team.

The Result

In just ten months, this agency's owner's decisive shift in strategy yielded extraordinary financial results. Her agency's revenue grew  from $20K to an impressive $60K monthly, effectively achieving a 3x increase in monthly income. This wasn't just a financial win; it was a complete transformation of the agency's operational ethos and Jane's personal engagement with her business. 

No longer weighed down by financial stress or client mismatches, this newfound success allowed her to not only secure her financial future but also reinvest in her passion for the creative work that had originally inspired her entrepreneurial journey. 

Thanks to the guidance of our robust systems for pricing, budgeting, and client selection in place, Jane's agency is not only surviving but thriving, prepared for sustained growth and continued innovation.





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