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From Worrying About Money Inflow to Tripling Revenue in 90 Days!

Don’t work hard. Work smart.

This agency has a very hard working owner who takes pride in their high conversion rate. They have high organic growth and get a lot of referrals. But they soon realized that more clients doesn’t necessarily translate into more revenue. 

And when you have a lot of clients, you’ll have a lot of work to do. 

The agency owner knew they needed to expand and scale but they were just so busy serving their clients. 

They also knew they’d have major problems soon if they didn't get someone with more experience and knowledge to come in and help them. 

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Their Goals

The agency had three goals:

First, they want to increase their revenue. They want to make enough money to keep the business running without worrying about overhead costs. They don’t want their fate to be determined by how many new clients they bring in through the front door. 

Secondly, they want to create a system that will lessen their workload. 

Lastly, they want to scale and move on to the next level.

The Challenge

This agency wasn’t doing badly. 

Their main challenge was that they weren’t making a revenue stream that was commensurate with their client size. They don’t even make enough money to cover overhead costs without worrying. They were needing to sign up new clients in order to stay afloat. 

They also needed more time off. 

The agency owner and his employees were constantly overworked. Some days he puts in a 20 hour work shift. There was just so much to be done. Things were that chaotic.

Our Solution

The first thing we noticed was that this agency’s conversion rate was too high - 90%. They were undervaluing their services. So we improved their sales process by increasing their price while maintaining a 30% conversion rate.

This way they would do the same amount of work but they’d get paid way more money. 

Additionally, they were charging their clients one time fees and doing tons of support tickets for them. They were offering their clients after-sales services even though they’d only charged them once - at the beginning of their collaboration. 

So we created a monthly recurring revenue model for them to increase their profitability. We also created a system with templates for handling different scenarios and situations with clients.

The Result

Things have gone from being chaotic to being peaceful. 

The structure and mechanism put in place has enabled the agency owner to be able to put in just a couple of 8-hour workdays per week. They have peace of mind and can now focus more on the business development side of things. Also, they now have more time to spend with their family. 

But that’s not the best part. 

This agency has tripled their revenue in 3 months! They have a model in place that generates revenue consistently every month. 

They don’t constantly need to go out and get new clients to make money anymore.




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