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Creating Solutions to Help Agency Owners Build Their Ideal Businesses

At Patin & Associates, we specialize in helping creative agency owners create meaningful, lasting solutions. Our team works closely with you to develop creative and data-driven solutions to enable the sustainable scaling of a business that works for you.

What does this mean?

So many agencies get stuck in the day-to-day of their businesses. If you’re like most founders, you are amazing at what you do, however the administration side gets in the way of truly fulfilling your potential. As you try to build your business, you may find you’re so overwhelmed with your work you’re unable to take a step back and figure out how to build the structure your company needs.

This is where Patin & Associates comes in.

We’ve spent years working closely with businesses to help them implement the strategies and solutions to achieve the results they’re looking for. Our role is to help you take all of the knowledge and expertise you have and turn it into a business that keeps clients happy, generates impressive profits, and allows you to live the life you envisaged for yourself when you started your agency.

How can Patin & Associates help your creative agency?

Our team takes a data-driven approach to create strategies for your business. There is no cookie-cutter aspect to what we do. Instead, we work closely with you to figure out what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and what you need to focus on to ensure your agency reaches its full potential. We cover everything from how to get to grips with your numbers to what you need to do to maximize your team’s effectiveness. 

Accountability is one of our core values.

When we work with a client, we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do with the client. This means we’re not happy with simply providing advice and leaving clients to their own devices. Instead, we learn everything we can about the agencies we work with, in order to give them the industry best practice - and craft their ‘secret sauce’ so they can become one or the rare few agencies ever make it to $1m+ a year. 

We are the partners who will push you to meet the commitment you made to yourself. We’re very selective about who we work with, as we focus solely on partnering with agencies we believe will put the work in. (Yes, we’re like the monkey on the back who never lets up :)

Ultimately, our goal is to help you escape the trap of feeling like tomorrow will just bring more of the same.

More of the same stress.

More of the same feelings of being overwhelmed by your own business.

More of the same thoughts that your agency is not what you hoped it would be.

With our help, you will create a business that delivers to your clients, your team, and your own life!


Robert Patin

Fractional CFO & Business Coach


Robert is the Managing Partner and Founder of Patin & Associates and the Author of the international best-selling book The Agency Blueprint.

His focus is working with clients to manifest their dream business into reality, with a foundational principle that simplicity is best. Though decades of experience working in finance and over a decade working with Creative Agencies he is able to expertly partner with clients to guide their businesses to achieve their goals




Don't want tomorrow to be more of the same? 

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