Scalability - Leading to National Expansion

From not having a scalable business model to establishing scalable foundations that shifted them closer to their goal of growing in a national videographer market.



This video production company wanted to expand and enter the national market. But it didn’t have the processes, scalability, or resources to do so. It left them unable to scale despite having satisfied and repeat clients. That’s when we entered the picture and helped them 8X their profit in 120 days… and set them up for further growth.

Their Goals

The agency wanted to scale and grow so it could expand nationwide.

They had an aggressive timeline and wanted to do the expansion of their agency in a very short period of time. 

They were planning on building a massive list of videographers all across the US, and advertising in the entire national market.

The Challenge

The video production company faced four key challenges: 
  • They lacked clarity in terms of their ideal client and their core offering
  • They didn’t have a scalable business model set in place
  • It was a one-man company—creative, editing, and finance work were all done by the owner. This meant that the owner was overwhelmed and unable to focus on scaling. 
  • They were too focused on growth and lacked both short and long-term plans 

Our Solution

We first had the agency owner clarify their ideal client and refine their exact service offering.

Then, we dug into the data and found that the agency has massively grown since its inception. However, growth hit a brick wall because everything was being done by the owner.

So, scaling was not possible in the current model, because everything dependent on the owner's time. 

We guided him through implementing processes and systems in the operations of his agency. This allowed him to add more people to his team without sacrificing the quality of the delivery, which gave the owner time to move out of the day-to-day operations and focus on scaling.

The Result

Upon implementing these changes, the video production company achieved the following results in just 120 days: 

  1. The owner is working "on" the agency, not "in" the agency.  He got to recruit more employees, allowing his to allocate work between team members to avoid overworking, and deliver a better overall service to his clients.
  2. They are now comfortably taking on up to 4 times as many clients per month.
  3. They now charge a minimum monthly retainer fee ranging from $7,000 to $10,000. As a result, they were able to 8X their monthly profit.
  4. They’re able to scale and move closer to their ultimate goal of growing a national videographer market.




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