Leads From A
LinkedIn Newsletter

You might have heard that LinkedIn is a great tool for generating leads, but what you might not have known one of the newest tools that LinkedIn has made available. 

The LinkedIn Newsletter. 

Not many are using it, and the ones that do treat it like an email blast. This is a huge mistake! 

The Leads from a LinkedIn Newsletter workbook and training will teach you how to use the new LinkedIn newsletter feature to find new leads and grow your agency.  

With this guide, you'll be able to quickly and easily create a powerful new LinkedIn marketing strategy that works for you.  
We'll show you how to create a targeted list of subscribers, write catchy subject lines, and create content that gets results. 

Download the workbook and watch the video as Robert helps you set up your own lead generating newsletter on LinkedIn.

You've Found The #1 Podcast For Creative Agency Owners

Hosted by Agency Expert, Business Coach and International Best-Selling Author Robert Patin. Together we will explore strategies for scaling a truly profitably agency, reducing stress and getting your personal life back.

How does Creative Agency Success ensure profitability while creating the room to scale?

What do we do to empower you to reclaim the time you’re spending inside your business? And how can we help you to build the creative agency that you’ve always dreamed of creating, rather than one that feels like it takes up every waking moment of your time?

We use tried and true methods that we’ve refined over the last decade.

Our founder, Robert Patin, has worked with countless creative agencies during his career. During that time, he’s created a set of processes and services that enable agency owners to confidently make data-driven decisions that lead to long-term success.

We work closely with our clients to help them develop their vision for what they want their agencies to be. This vision allows us to set a future target, from which we create the goals and milestones the agency needs to reach to turn the vision into a reality.

During this process, we also define the challenges the agency will face along the way. What obstacles will you face during your growth journey? What strategies can you put in place to overcome those obstacles? Preparation is the key to tackling any challenge that agency ownership can throw at you.

With the vision and growth plan designed, we switch our focus to putting the systems that empower creative agencies to scale in place. This includes consulting with agency owners so they’re always clear on their next step. We also help agencies implement in-depth reporting, enabling the data-driven decisions that keep them moving forward. And we help agency owners develop challenging, yet achievable, key performance indicators that allow them to track and measure their progress over time.

This allows us to refine your growth, ensuring sustainability over time.
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